Alternative Dispute Resolution (Mediation and Arbitration)

White & Wiggins has been a strong advocate on behalf of the bench and the bar for Alternative Dispute Resolution. We recognize that Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) yields substantial economic benefits to litigants and administrators within the American judicial system.

Resolution of a matter through the ADR process, when appropriate, avoids expense, delay, and the uncertainly of the outcome. The participants often arrive at a better business solution as a result of the process.

The Firm, through its certified mediators, H. Ron White and Kevin B. Wiggins, has been at the forefront of ADR development since 1989. Ron White and Kevin Wiggins have successfully mediated well over 1000 cases, and participated in State Bar and American Bar Association training programs. Ron White and Kevin Wiggins have an average success rate of 97% in resolving cases mediated. The Firm accepts referrals from judges, corporate clients, and other law firms.

The Firm has represented clients in arbitration matters related to construction, employment and contract disputes.

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