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Practice Areas

We serve our clients' interests by understanding their unique businesses and challenges—past, present, and future.

Litigation, Compliance & Investigations

We thrive on devising cutting-edge solutions to domestic and international challenges, resolving difficult stakeholder issues, and investigating and redressing mission critical governance or compliance breakdowns. Our attorneys have successfully represented businesses in complex legal matters throughout the United States and abroad.  Our trial experience includes disputes involving contracts, business torts, real estate, anti-competition, corruption and fraud, partnerships, entertainment, intellectual property, international oil and gas, e-commerce and white collar crime.

Alternative Dispute Resolution

We regularly represent clients in arbitration and White Wiggins attorneys have mediated well over 1000 matters, averaging a 97% success rate in resolving cases. In addition, our representation of clients, and presence in Africa make us the go to firm for disputes on the African Continent.

Emerging Market Development

We are a leading force for development of Africa-based infrastructure in the areas of energy, technology, and media/entertainment.  Our network includes developers and capital resources with decades of project experience, from start-up to expansion.

Entertainment, Sports & Media

We bridge the divide between content, content producers, talent, signature events, and resources, including but not limited to capital in America and Africa, and act as the facilitators of the necessary business relationships and transactions that enable our clients to succeed.